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D r e a m     T e a m

C r e a t I n g   t h e   d r e a m s o a r e r

F O R U M    R U L E S

Year one all contributions are voluntary.

No swearing, insults, personalisation of arguments.

Write at least two posts per year, one on “introduce yourself”.

It is healthy to disagree, debate, argue, evaluate, questions.


Please dig in and participate, start topics.

Try to be honest, polite, brief, true to yourself, blunt if necessary.

Try to qualify reasoning, “that wont work” should be “that wont work because…..”.

Don't be afraid of raising questions or writing something stupid, explore possibilities.

Keep it fun, but please weigh in with views and keep asking “why?” and “why not?”.

Customers  - including military and state agencies - and commercial partners will have access to the forum in due course.

To add images to your posts create a photobucket.com account and then choose the “link” - but eep images under 600 pixel width.

A good place for emoticons.

F O R U M    C O N F I D E N T I A L I T Y

You recognise your commitment to legal confidentiality and non disclosure and stick to that promise vehemently. Until the dreamsoarer project is publicly disclosed the most you can declare publicly is the following:

“I am contributing my opinion and acumen to Navig Aero dreamsoarer project”.

“The public details on the dreamsoarer are to be found on the dreamsoarer website www.navigaero.com & www.dreamsoarer.com, I cant go into any details.”

Applied thus:

What kind of aeroplane is it? Why is it so special?

“The public details on the dreamsoarer are to be found on the dreamsoarer website www.navigaero.com”

What are you doing to help?

“I am contributing my opinion and acumen to the Navig Aero dreamsoarer project”.

W H A T   I S    I N    I T    F O R    D R E A M E R S / F O R U M I T E S ?

Hobby pastime, social outlet and friend circle - same as any forum but more exclusive.

Learn about manufacturing, technologies, teamworking, regulations, aircraft, flying.

However we must recognise that time is the most precious gift we make.

If we follow the plan, or even near to the plan, all participants will get a discounted aircraft proportional to input / number of posts etc.

There might be jobs, directorships and remuneration possibilities starting in the second year.

F O R U M    P U R P O S E ?

The forum is here to log development, ideas, thoughts, views and avoid huge chains of unmanageable mail and engage people to share knowledge in a communication portal.

By posting all development everyone is included to the development and can participate as much or as little as they prefer, whilst creating a excellent reference and knowledgebase.

Most importantly if you disagree with something, we all get the chance to discuss that before massive time and expense is committed.